7 reasons that make Terra Mayaa the Best Rooftop Restaurant in Guwahati.

In the city, Guwahati, you get to experience mesmerising views of your favourite city from the rooftops of some restaurants. Be you an evening hopper, party guy or love to dine out with dear ones, Terra Mayaa is perfect for you. Basked in luxury and fancy, Terra Mayaa is the hub of the best foods and beverages in Guwahati. It keeps no stone unturned to amaze you with the diverse options in its menu.

Undoubtedly, Terra Mayaa is an excellent choice while choosing from a wide range of international and local handcrafted cocktails. Now it is also important to find the reasons that make Terra Mayaa the best rooftop restaurant in Guwahati. There are numerous reasons why Terra Mayaa is the first answer when ‘The best rooftop restaurant in Guwahati?’ comes to your mind.

Let’s find out the 7 reasons why you should hit Terra Mayaa, in your visit to Guwahati, or if you dwell there-


Situated at the heart of Guwahati City, Terra Mayaa is the best fine-dining restaurant and cocktail bar in Guwahati. It is located in the central hub of the city, on main GS Road, and connected to the adjacent areas of shopping and entertainment hubs of the city. They are well resourced with proper parking facilities.

The rooftop view from Terra Mayaa is absolutely startling. You can also enjoy the view of the Narakasur hilltop, enjoy the sun rays playing around during sunset hours. Please note the sunsets here earlier than the rest of the cities in India; so if you are visiting Guwahati and wish to enjoy the views, check the local sunset hours. If you visit at night, the view of hills and the twinkling light on them & the city will relentlessly allure you to keep on watching.

This less chaotic place is perfect for romantic dinner dates and you can spend quality time with your bae. If you want to experience unique nightlife or seek evening sundowner time out or prefer a date or fun outing with your friends under the moonlight, Terra Mayaa would be the best choice of rooftop restaurant in Guwahati.  


Terra Mayaa boasts of a totally instagrammable Deck– the rooftop restaurant, the sophisticated and woody vibe of the Lounge and Cocktail Bar, and the contemporary urban vibe of the Balcony overlooking the city.

Rooftop restaurants in Guwahati

With a revamped experience every few years, the latest makeover boasts of a perfect melange in ambience, entertainment, food and beverage that you look for in a leading rooftop cafe, restaurant or bar. Deck and Balcony offers a stellar view of the city’s skyline and accentuates your dining & drinking vibe.


The Cocktail Bar is decorated with a gold-themed interior, suiting wooden furniture & plush upholstery to suit the palette of dark green vibe, giving it a more polished and seasoned vibe. 

The ceilings and walls are oomphy hand-painted showcasing beer infographics, vines of hops and more. Terra Mayaa has one the best bar displays in the country, made in the finest manner. 


This rooftop restaurant and bar shall continue to impress you with its quasi Bohemian and Greek vibes, exporting you to vacay-vibe, with the gentle breeze, dimmed lights & choice of music. During daylight,  the ambience captures the attention of bougainvillaea and the touch of greens, against the white backdrop. The ivory canvas drapes that hang on the Hand-picked Tripura-Bamboos, (the thickness and dexterity of these bamboos, is rare to be found) create a perfect vibe for your date, taking you away from the chores of the city life.

Basked in the winter sun or breeze of the dusk, Deck is a fast-moving place during peak seasons, so remember to book your choice of area and table during peak hours and weekends.


The Balcony has a spectacular view overlooking the city, sheltered under the protection of drizzles, during monsoon season, this area has its thrills, during each season and time of the day to enjoy. Deck and Balcony offers a stellar view of the city’s skyline and accentuates your dining & drinking vibe. 

The great attention to detailed interiors, sitting arrangements, elements of decor would uplift your vibes instantly and leave you wanting to come back sooner. 


If great food and great drinks spark your soul, you belong to Terra Mayaa. You will definitely be wowed for the meal that you are going to have in Terra Mayaa. Sushis and Hand-tossed Pizzas are the favourite sellers, besides the Bento Boxes, Mezze Platters and more. You can begin the meal with our finger-licking, best-selling vegetarian starters like Pesto Paneer Shashlik, Bharwan Tandoori Alu, & many more.

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While the non-veg options are also stealing the attention and pushing your mind to ask for more. You can order our best prepped non-vegetarian starters such as flaming tandoori whole chicken, Mediterranean jojeh kebab, Sarson Haldi Fish Tikka, etc. 

The menu draws inspiration from different continental and Indian cuisines and serves your favourites with the magical touch of our skilled chef. While enjoying the appetisers, you should not miss out on the amazing mains and end your meal with the chef’s special desserts. 

Terra Mayaa offers a variety of mains to order. If you love to eat vegetarian, we have TM special kofta, Paneer Kandhari, and Pind de chole – that definitely help you to reminisce the smell of authenticity of India. The non-vegetarian options are ready to wow you with their delicious taste. The non-veg options include- Ghee Roast Murgh Masala, Sali gosht (made with fresh mutton with veggies and spices), and Murgh Handi LazeezYou must not forget to try our veg and non-veg biryani, each bite of which will give you ecstatic vibes. One can also dive into the tasty delicacy of world cuisines that includes Spaghetti, Lasagne Al Formaggio E Gustose, etc.

And if you also crave sweets post-meal, our Philadelphia cheesecake and chocolate fondant are not worthy to miss.

You can also enjoy the multi-cuisine and thirst-quenching drinks in Terra Mayaa. They also have barbecue preparations along with the tastiest sushi and Italian gastronomes.


You don’t have to worry about hosting any party and service provided by the staff at Terra Mayaa. Terra Mayaa welcomes its guests with a whole heart and it never fails to impress your guests. This rooftop restaurant is known for its holistic service in Guwahati city. From the suit-booted person to welcome you to the restaurants to the skilled stewards, who will help you to get a table and serve you the food of your delicacies.

 The bartenders are skilled and obliging to your choice of drink and make you a perfect concoction from the longest list of cocktails in the city. You can’t stop yourself from rating it five stars for the wonderful experience.


If you are looking for the best cocktail bar or drinking hub in Guwahati, Terra Mayaa is the right place for you. Terra Mayaa is among the top bars in Guwahati. It has been serving the visitors with a world-class collection of beverages that include different alcohols, fruit-based, seasonal, local, and international cocktails, non-alcoholic liquid refreshments, etc.

 You name one, Terra Mayaa will serve. Terra Mayaa has been surprising the visitors with the exquisite collection of different beverages including beers, seasonal specials drinks, imported whiskeys, fruit cocktails and many more. You shall need to try TM  signature cocktails such as Kashmiri Kahwa, great gatsby, etc. Coffee cocktails such as Irish coffee, bruce Wayne, and many more whiskey, gin cocktails are on the menu.

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This rooftop restaurant and bar also has a handful of mocktails to offer. Not only this, they have seasonal specialities, such as winter’s favourite Pomelo Margharita, The Winter Star, Irish Hot Chocolate, etc. The summer coolers to refresh you from humidity and heat, such as virgin mojito, long island iced tea, bless the bees and a lot more. From flavour blasters & other leading mixology techniques, local twists, to the classic choices, the bartender can get your friendly drink presented to you in the most appealing manner.

Enjoy the best booze from Terra Mayaa. Check out the crafted cocktails for this winter season. Here is the Menu


Terra Mayaa has been entertaining its guests for over a decade now. The lip-smacking amuse-bouche experience, great cocktails for you to light up your dining experience, live music by the eminent DJs and Acoustic Bands, Gigs and Events make your experience more lively.

To your surprise, Terra Mayaa is the exquisite hub for Acoustic Bands, DJs, Entertainment Artists, etc., especially during weekends. Remember to ask for event and acoustic band/gig details while you book your table. Music and ambience, with good food and beverages, and your great company makes it a perfect place to visit.


Your favourite rooftop restaurant also helps you to organise parties and events. Terra Mayaa is also a home for event organisers. Terra Mayaa offers the facility to arrange any birthday, bachelorette, friends get together, corporate events, etc. From the suited decor to party planning, choosing the artist, singer for your event can be all arranged under one venue in a hassle-free manner.

Enquire with the management to help you pre-plan your celebrations or events at the venue. The Chef’s Team would be happy to custom engineer your menu as per your choice and event. Terra Mayaa offers outdoor catering and bartending services too. Enquire here for more details.

Book a table this festive season and bid adieu to 2021 on a pleasant note with Terra Mayaa.

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