From Pale Ales to Hefes…

The Best Brewery in Guwahati City
for Craft Beers - Terra Mayaa.

We offer distinct and popular Craft beer in Guwahati, loved around the world.

Are you looking for a “Brewery Near Me?” or do you often find yourself asking, where can I find Craft Beer in Guwahati?

Terra Mayaa Brewery comes to fill that need of Craft Beer Guwahati has been craving and we aim to be pouring till your heats fill with joy! We are introducing 4 freshly brewed batches of Beer, ranging from Amber Pilsners to Dark Stouts, we are your one-stop to experiencing the delight of Craft Beer in Guwahati.


This beer pours an opaque Hazy golden orange with a firm white head that lasts. Tropical fruity aromas and flavours of Mangoes and Orange citrus meld with a soft fluffy mouthfeel. DDH – Double dry hopped for an extra punch of hoppy goodness.
IBUs – 20

ABV 5.5%


This dark beer pours jet black with a tan brown head. Aromas and flavours of roasted coffee, vanilla and dark chocolate follow a rich creamy inviting mouthfeel that leaves behind a coffee like bitterness.
IBUs – 15

ABV 4.3%


This new lager pours pale gold with a pure white head. Light crisp and well carbonated in appearance. Aroma and flavours of floral, herbal hops with a touch of malty sweetness followed by a spicy tang in the finish. A super sessionable low bitterness lager with firm Saaz hop presence.
ABV 4.7%

IBU’s – 12


Hefeweizen is a traditional German wheat beer known for its cloudy appearance, typically due to the yeast used in fermentation. It often has fruity and spicy flavors, with hints of banana, clove all derived during fermentation from yeast naturally
ABV 4.6%

IBU’s – 10

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