The Types of Craft Beer an Enthusiast Should Know About

The Third Most Popular Drink: Craft Beer

Beer is loved by people around the world regardless of their age, gender, or inclination toward alcohol. It is available in a wide variety of flavours from ginger, berries to ice-cream as well. Being the third most favoured beverage in every country after water and tea, it finds its place into every occasion by either cheering us up or being the liquidy shoulder for us to cry on. And today that this incredible drink has taken a better, tastier, and querkier form of craft beer, it is being ever more admired by people. 

Just as chilling and charming the name ‘craft beer’ sounds, it is also absolutely delicious and aromatic. A beer lover will not only say it is better than the regular beers but also tastier and trickier to brew. 

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is the type of beer that is brewed mostly in small batches limitedly in microbreweries that helps in enhancing the taste, colour, aroma, and even the alcohol content. As craft explicitly connotes small and artistic, it serves the same purpose before the term beer as well. 

Craft beer is fairly expensive pertaining to the cost a craft brewery incurs in producing it in micro breweries with the help of highly skilled brewers. 

Types of Craft Beer

Beers or craft ales are primarily categorised into two main types: ale and lager. The ale yeast ferments the beer at higher temperatures resulting in an intense flavour and higher alcohol content.

The lager yeast on the other hand, ferments the beer at lower temperatures starting from the bottom. This brings out a light flavour with relatively lower alcohol content. There is also a third kind of beer that is sour and intense but ales and lagers are the most popular ones enjoyed around the world. People from the beverage drinking community often search for new and better options for beers and end up finding this type to be their favourite.

With that being said, craft beer is further categorised into the following popularly consumed types.


Originating in Germany, hefeweizen literally means wheat beer. It is an original wheat based beer and one of the most popular ones in the world. Prepared with the ale yeast, hefeweizen has a high alcohol content. It is identified for its banana-like flavour and cloudy appearance as it is unfiltered. One can clearly see the yeast settling at the bottom of the mug. 

Hefeweizen contains more than 50 percent of wheat malts and the rest is barley. It appears cloudy as it is served unfiltered and is commonly known as the weiss beer, German for white beer.


Fermented with lager yeast at relatively higher temperatures, kolsch is a very distinctive craft beer rich in fruity flavours and incredible refreshment. It originated in Cologne, Germany and therefore it is brewed till date strictly according to the guidelines of Cologne Konvention in every brewery.

Made with the top-fermenting lager yeast, it is distinctly identifiable for its clear and filtered texture, pale yellowish hue, strong malty taste, and drier to give off a high alcohol content. It is an absolute sweetheart in bars, parties, and casual get-togethers because even non-drinkers find it light and refreshing. 

Belgian Dubbel

The Belgian dubbel also popularly known as the brown ale is a dark colored malty and sweet beer that originated in Belgium. It is fermented with the ale yeast in a small quantity to preserve the flavours of cocoa, banana, and caramel that are quite apparent in it. 

The Belgian style dubbels which literally means double in Belgian are quite strong with 6 to 8 percent of alcohol content. But, they are still less strong when compared to its other cousins triple and quadruple. 

Belgian Strong

This highly attenuated Belgian-style strong ale beer is a dope drink in bars and parties around the world. Fermented with the ale yeast it has its origin in Belgium as the name suggests. It is complex in consistency, pale in colour, high in hop and alcohol, and effervescent in the mug. 

It is often referred to as devilish pertaining to its alcoholic nature. Beer lovers around the world claim it to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A mug of Belgian strong can relish your wildest dreams and make you find the charming devil before your eyes.

Mosaic Pale Ale

Mosaic pale ale is fermented with ale yeast and is a 100 percent mosaic hop beer in the brewing industry. It is fruity with the flavours of berries and citrus, pale in colour as the name suggests, and herbal in nature.  

With its kaleidoscopic flavours, it goes perfectly with cheese burgers, pizza, Mexican food and everything else spicy. Beer lovers claim that this incredibly unique ale tastes different with every sip. It transforms in the mug.


Craft beer is a tremendous product in the beverage industry for its variety of styles and tastes. Beer lovers favour beer more than any other drink for its relatively low alcohol content, and most favourably its rich taste and flavours. The fact that brewing craft beers is trickier and expensive makes it even more appealing to the consumer. 

The wide array of flavours that these beers have makes it teenagers’ favourite and every kind of food fits deliciously with them. The tangy, sweet, and yeast-like taste can have you sipping mug after mug never to be satisfied.

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